Upgrade from legacy Part-DB version

Part-DB 1.0 was a complete rewrite of the old Part-DB (< 1.0.0), which you can find here. A lot of things changed internally, but Part-DB was always developed with compatibility in mind, so you can migrate smoothly to the new Part-DB version, and utilize its new features and improvements.

Some things changed however to the old version and some features are still missing, so be sure to read the following sections carefully before proceeding to upgrade.


  • PHP 8.1 or higher is required now (Part-DB 0.5 required PHP 5.4+, Part-DB 0.6 PHP 7.0). Releases are available for Windows too, so almost everybody should be able to use PHP 8.1
  • Console access is highly recommended. The installation of composer and frontend dependencies require console access, also more sensitive stuff like database migration works via CLI now, so you should have console access on your server.
  • Markdown/HTML is now used instead of BBCode for rich text in description and command fields. It is possible to migrate your existing BBCode to Markdown via php bin/console php bin/console partdb:migrations:convert-bbcode.
  • Server exceptions are not logged into event log anymore. For security reasons (exceptions can contain sensitive information) exceptions are only logged to server log (by default under ‘./var/log’), so only the server admins can access it.
  • Profile labels are now saved in the database (before they were saved in a separate JSON file). The profiles of legacy Part-DB versions can not be imported into new Part-DB 1.0
  • Label placeholders now use the [[PLACEHOLDER]] format instead of %PLACEHOLDER%. Also, some placeholders have changed.
  • Configuration is now done via configuration files/environment variables instead of the WebUI (this may change in the future).
  • Database updates are now done via console instead of the WebUI
  • Permission system changed: You will have to newly set the permissions of all users and groups!
  • Import / Export file format changed. Fields must be English now (unlike in legacy Part-DB versions, where German fields in CSV were possible) and you may have to change the header line/field names of your CSV files.

Missing features

  • No possibility of marking parts for ordering (yet)
  • No support for 3D models of footprints (yet)
  • No possibility to disable footprints, manufacturers globally (or per category). This should not have a big impact when you forbid users to edit/create them.
  • No resistor calculator or SMD label tools

Upgrade process

Once you have upgraded the database to the latest version, you will not be able to access the database with Part-DB 0.5.*. Doing so could lead to data corruption. So make a backup before you proceed the upgrade, so you will be able to revert the upgrade, when you are not happy with the new version

Beware that all user and group permissions will be reset, and you have to set the permissions again the new Part-DB as many permissions changed, and automatic migration is not possible.

  1. Upgrade your existing Part-DB version the newest Part-DB 0.5.* version (at the moment Part-DB 0.5.8), as described in the old Part-DB’s repository.
  2. Make a backup of your database and attachments. If something goes wrong during migration, you can use this backup to start over. If you have some more complex permission configuration, you maybe want to do screenshots of it, so you can redo it again later.
  3. Set up the new Part-DB as described in the installation section. You will need to do the setup for a MySQL instance ( either via docker or direct installation). Set the DATABASE_URL environment variable in your .env.local ( or docker-compose.yaml) to your existing database. ( e.g. DATABASE_URL=mysql://PARTDB_USER:PASSWORD@localhost:3306/DATABASE_NAME)
  4. Ensure that the correct base currency is configured (BASE_CURRENCY env), this must match the currency used in the old Part-DB version. If you used Euro, you do not need to change anything.
  5. Run php bin/console cache:clear and php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate.
  6. Run php bin/console partdb:migrations:convert-bbcode to convert the BBCode used in comments and part description to the newly used markdown.
  7. Copy the content of the data/media folder from the old Part-DB instance into public/media folder in the new version.
  8. Run php bin/console cache:clear
  9. You should be able to log in to Part-DB now using your admin account and the old password. If you do not know the admin username, run php bin/console partdb:users:list and look for the user with ID 1. You can reset the password of this user using php bin/console partdb:users:set-password [username].
  10. All other users besides the admin user are disabled (meaning they can not log in). Go to “System->User” and “System-> Group” and check the permissions of the users (and change them if needed). If you are done enable the users again, by removing the disabled checkmark in the password section. If you have a lot of users you can enable them all at once using php bin/console partdb:users:enable --all

It is not possible to access the database using the old Part-DB version. If you do so, this could damage your database. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the old Part-DB version, after everything works.


If you encounter any issues (especially during the database migration) or features do not work like intended, please open an issue ticket at GitHub.